IROResearch Oy is an independent Finnish opinion and market research company founded in 1990 by its CEO, Markku Martikainen, and Research Director Eero Meckelborg.

We help our clients to succeed by improving their understanding of their customers and operating environment.

When conducted carefully and correctly, a research process guarantee access to the exact information you need. That is why we always produce impeccable-quality results, genuinely with your best interests in mind.

Reliable research information can be refined into knowledge, understanding and actual business operations improvements when it is combined with other information and insight. A stringent research process combined with the insight that our experienced researchers possess and our client's own perspective lays a solid foundation for outside-the-box conclusions and full utilisation of research information.

We comply with the ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Research. IROResearch Oy was awarded ISO 20252 market research quality certification in June 2010 by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy, proof that our quality system complies with their stringent criteria for premium-quality research.